About Us

Our Core Beliefs

We have an acronym we call “FASTER” that has both a true and underlying meaning.  Of course the underlying message to our customers is that we try to do things as quickly as possible.  Whether that’s a quotation, price check, availability question, shipping or information request – we do it now – we know and understand that there are eager customers or potential customers waiting on us and their time is as valuable as ours.

Secondarily, our word FASTER has a definitive meaning:

F – To be Flexible in our ability to serve the customer, to be able to effectively wear the different “hats” that are required in a smaller organization and to have the customers’ service issues in mind at all times.

A – To be Accurate in everything we do – from specification to delivery. We understand the consequences of mistakes and the domino effect they can have on the practices of our customers and our combined businesses. Mistakes cost money and time. We seek the proper training to insure that we follow the correct procedures and have the product knowledge necessary to be correct. We know that we need to do it right all the time to eliminate the necessity to do it over.

S – To act with Speed in all that we do. We know the customer waits for our response or our products and we do not need to waste that time – for we understand that time is money. We want to be able to ship today, quote and specify now, fax immediately, confirm orders on receipt – respond NOW. For we know that this will win our customers’ support and future business and trust.

T – To act as a Team so that our effort is multiplied to produce a much greater result for our customers. To have the positive attitude that is so common in winners. The understanding that people want to be winners and work with winners – with people who are successful not only in what they do but how they work together. We are a Team who acts as one on behalf of our dedicated customers, whom we would be nothing without.

E – To act in an Ethical and fair manner with the best interest of our customers in mind at all times.

R – To be Respectful with communications and actions that are supportive and team oriented.

Meet Thomas (Tom) McCormick - President of American Electrical, Inc.

Thomas McCormick started American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) in 1997 after spending his early career with Dupont as an Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer in the Nuclear Facility at The Savannah River Plant in Aiken, SC, and as a Design and Project Engineer at the Nomex Fiber and Paper Facilities in Richmond, Virginia.  After receiving his MBA at William and Mary in 1990, he held positions in Engineering, Marketing and VP of Sales for Weidmuller, Inc., a German manufacturer of DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks.

The idea for American Electrical was actually presented to Weidmuller management in late 1996 by McCormick.  After a time period of identification and due diligence about the opportunity, it was decided that Weidmuller did not want to pursue the idea.

Knowing the idea was a winner, McCormick left Weidmuller in July 1997 and formed American Electrical, Inc. in August.  AEI started out selling only Wire Ferrules and Tools for crimping them - a very short line card for sure!  After a period of about five years, several other complementary product lines were brought on board and placed in the AEI portfolio.  Many Companies located in Europe that were small and eager to gain access to the vast American market were happy to have AEI as their importer and marketer.  McCormick swiftly set up National, Regional and local Distribution for these Companies he Marketed as well as direct OEM relationships. 

Today, AEI has over 20 product lines from several partners form all over the world selling to valuable Distributor partners and direct to OEM’s all over North America.  One of the keys to the success of AEI, McCormick would say, “is our ability respond to the customer immediately, to offer quality Industrial Electrical components for less, delivered today. Our employees all make sure of that - they know what gives us a competitive advantage and they exploit it.  Our customers are happy to deal with a Company that acts quickly on their behalf.  Speed is our key to success!”

We want to thank our customers for supporting American Electrical, Inc. over the last 20+ years!