Crimp over 100 different Terminals from ONE Machine!

That's the EC-65 - a fully electric (120VAC) crimper that can crimp the following terminals:Wire Ferrules, Ring Lugs, Flat Tab Terminals, Turned Contacts and Uninsulated Lugs!  Where in the World can you get a portable machine to be as versatile as the EC-65?  Look no further, American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) has these machines in stock and ready to ship !  Your technicians will LOVE you for buying this and you will LOVE the competitive price... More

Power Distribution Made Easy

If you're looking for a design that can easily take large AWG sizes and distribute them down to smaller sizes then this product may be for you ! Do you need to feed several circuits with one incoming power feed? Are you confused about all the jumpering required with standard Terminal Blocks and the time required to research how to accomplish it? Are you certain the current rating of the said jumpers will they carry... More

Not Your Average Cable Tie

Introducing the Elematic 2 Lock™ Cable Tie - this is the only Cable Tie with two Stainless Steel locking mechanisms.  Having two locking mechanisms eliminates the necessity for having ridges along the cable tie.  The elimination of the ridges on the Cable Tie makes for a continuous smooth surface for the product, device, or cable you are trying to control.  The patented cable ties are rated at -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C and... More

Start your Motors! ... with American Electrical’s DIN Rail Mounted Contactors

DIN rail mounted contactors are an essential component in modern electrical systems, providing reliable control (and protection in some cases) for various applications. At American Electrical, Inc.(AEI), we offer a comprehensive range of DIN rail mounted contactors, by CBI, that cater to diverse needs in industrial and commercial settings. Here’s a closer look at the benefits and features of these versatile devices.1. Versatility and Reliability DIN rail mounted contactors are designed to handle a wide... More

Not Your Average WireNut- What to Consider When Sizing a Terminal Block

Unlike a WireNut that just serves a function to keep wires bound together, Terminal Blocks actually carry current and can perform multiple functions - there’s much more to consider.  Let’s take a look at five attributes to consider when sizing your terminal block in most any application - they happen to be Function, Load, Wire Size, Voltage and Physical Size.Function - What is the terminal block doing in your application?  Is it at feedthru, fuse,... More

The American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) Line Card

Here’s a quick and easy guide to get to our product line quickly!  All products are stocked in Richmond, VA.  You will not only find our service to be exceptional but also our competitive pricing.  Call us today at 804.379.2899 or visit us below!  Thanks for following - please SHARE !ConnectionDIN Rail Terminal Blocks - Feedthru, Fuse, Disconnect and Grounding Rail Contactors Grips - Nylon and Metallic, PG, NPT or Metric Rail - Steel... More

Quite Shocking- UL 1077 DIN Rail Circuit Breakers with 24% Space Savings at a Competitive Price!

2 ways of saving - Savings in raw Product Cost and Savings along the DIN Rail of nearly 25%. Wow, why not look further?  American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) sells the Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI) line of DIN Rail mounted Circuit Breakers. These UL 1077 Breakers may have the SAME UL 1077 rating that you currently purchase - with two catches - 13mm THIN (NOT 17mm) our UL1077 Breakers provide a space savings along the DIN... More

See the Light! Fuse Blocks with Indication Help YOU (or your customer) Troubleshoot!

American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) offers many different versions of fuse holders from 1 amp to 50 amps with and without fuse failure indication.  What is fuse failure indication?  It’s a tiny circuit that measures the voltage across a fuse.  This circuit has a resistor and an LED in series.  During normal operation, the fuse is good so there’s no differential across the fuse.  When the fuse blows, the supply side is high and the other... More

Push-IN Terminals Save Time and Money

The PYK series Terminal Blocks are one of American Electrical, Inc.’s "Push In" style DIN Rail mounted tension clamp blocks.  Designed by Klemsan, wires are simply pushed into the entryway and secured by the tension clamp inside.  Wire ferrules may or may not be used - to remove a wire, simply insert a screwdriver in to release. Four reasons to use tension clamp terminals:In many Industries, tension clamps are preferred due to their vibration proof... More

Shield Grounding- Pro Tip

The Easiest Way to Ground Cable Shields:Easyconnect cable grips by AGRO AG , are by far, the EASIEST, FASTEST and most RELIABLE method to ground Cable Shields in the WORLD. That’s a big statement that can be backed up by hundreds of thousands of successful applications and installations all over the planet. American Electrical, Inc., in Richmond, VA stocks thousands of AGRO AG products, including EASYconnect cable grips.Interested? Check out the 1 ½ minute video... More