NEW Pressure Balancing Cable Grips

Provide pressure equalization for enclosures and control panels to prevent differences in pressure, temperature, and water condensation.

Optimal for all-weather outdoor electronics

Sold with membrane or sinter filter

Membrane allows easy air exchange and ensures that the enclosed area remains dry.  Its special structure makes the pressure balance cable grips air-permeable but not water-permeable. 

- Rated at IP 68 at pressures of up to 0.8 bars
- Membrane is water, oil, and dirt repellent
- Available for hazardous areas with increased safety Ex e II

The coarser nature of the sinter disk's material allows greater air transfer and protection against splashing of water and insects.

- Easily balances extreme pressure and moisture fluctuations in large housings
- Stainless steel available on request

Used in applications where, due to environmental conditions, condensation of water is expected.  A stainless steel mesh allows water to drain away quickly but protects the enclosed area from insects and dust particles larger than 0.2mm. 

- Typically located at a housing’s lowest point
- For optimal drainage, partially slotted counter nuts are available