AVK Series Terminal Blocks

  • Manufactured from thermoplastic raw material
  • Grey is the main color
  • Five different colors gives users additional choices for visual separation of control circuits and/or voltage levels

Is our AVK series right for your application?  Check out all of American Electrical's terminal block options here.

Similar to Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks (screw clamp).

  • The plastic housing holding the metallic screws and clamps is made of UL 94 V2 (105 degree C) thermoplastic polyamide 6.6, allowing operations rated at 600 V
  • The clamps are zinc plated to guard against corrosion. When properly torqued, the clamp is designed to self-lock
  • The screws act as a system with the clamps - this system requires the same materials for each component. The screws lift and help to self-lock the clamps providing a downward force onto the conductors. The screws are also plated with a Zinc finish to prevent any form of corrosion
  • Screw connection refers to any connection in which the conductor is stripped of its insulation and clamped without any preparation

Is our AVK series right for your application?  Check out all of American Electrical's terminal block options here to be sure.

  • When DIN rails are mounted to metallic cabinetry and properly connected to earth, the proper grounding process is complete
  • The structural design of ground terminals is based on mounting rails when used mechanically and electrically. Since these blocks are properly insulated, it is possible to positions the ground terminal directly next to the current carrying terminals

Click here for our video on ground terminal blocks.