DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks Accessories

To prevent terminal blocks from falling of the DIN Rail, they must be secured on each side. This is accomplished with end brackets screwed onto the rail. Two end brackets are necessary - one on each side of the continuous assembly designed.

Thickness: 8mm

Type: KD 3

Standard Pack: 100

Material: Flexible Plastic PVC for KG 1 - KG 2 (Resistant to flame).
Polyamide 6.6 for KE 1 -KE 2.

Ambient Temperature: -30º C and + 70º C
Every packet contains only one type of letter, number or sign.

Terminal Blocks are manufactured with one open end allowing side by side placement. An end plate is necessary for the last terminal block in the assembly enabling full enclosure.

The partition allows visual separation of circuits and for electrical separation due to adjacent cross connections.

Cross Connectors distribute potentials within an assembly. Standard poles of 2, 3, 4, or 10 are available to satisfy your design requirements.

Marking tags are used for circuit identification and easier troubleshooting. We have many numbers and letters available that will make your designed assembly unique. Horizontal markers for DIN Rail mounted horizontally and vertical for assemblies mounted vertically.