Wiring Ducts and Accessories

  • 2 meter wire duct with covers
  • RoHS compliant, cUL, VDE, CE and GOST recognized
  • Ergonomically designed wiring duct covers are easily secured and removed
  • Upper score line provides easy breaking of the ribs
  • Lower score line provides easy splitting of wiring duct base and wall
  • Bottom rail provides easy mounting of wiring duct accessories inside the duct
  • Special rib pattern design allows proper wire placement

Wiring Ducts

  • **Please note ducts come with covers***
  • Operating temperature range 5°F- 140°F
  •  Standard length 2 meters
  •  Standard color RAL 7030 grey
  •  RoHS compliant
  •  In compliance with IEC 60695-2-1 and EN 50085-2-3 standards Certificates: VDE, UL, CE and GOST

Wiring Duct Covers

Wiring Duct Accessories

Now wiring management is much easier.  You can easily mount wire retainers on the bottom rail of the duct and slide them on.

Wire Duct Cutter

  • Quick and easy cutting
  • Burr-free cut edges
  • No noise, no chips
  • Ducts cut precisely to the millimeter
  • Blade guard guarantees secure operation