T Type Insulated Wire Ferrule for Thick Insulation


Price $8.26
500 per Bag

Advantages of wire ferrules:

  • Easy insertion of wire into terminal
  • Prevents flare out of stripped, stranded wire
  • Improved connection reliability

Wire ferrules with plastic insulating collars:

  • Simple identification of the circuit and voltage based on the color of the insulated collar
  • Additional insulation helps to isolate and protect against unwanted contact with electrical circuits

Click here to see the video on selecting and attaching a wire ferrule.


Size mm² :
0.75 mm²
Size AWG:
20 AWG
L-2 mm :
8 mm
L-1 mm :
14.0 mm
D-1 mm :
1.3 mm
S-1 mm :
0.15 mm
D-2 mm :
3.4 mm
S-2 mm :
0.30 mm
Pcs. Per Bag:


Material Comp. of Copper Tube on Ferrules.pdf
Material Comp. of Plastic Sleeve on Ferrules.pdf