Price $158.40

Product Description

Lightpole Power Tap Base Unit 0-305VAC Input, 10A Max

  • The Lightpole Power Tap (LPT-140) is an industrial grade device that attaches to a photocell receptacle and reliably outputs power off of a street light or light pole.
  • The LPT-140 feature integrated surge protection, a UV-resistant enclosure built to withstand extreme weather conditions, a locking quick-connect adapter for easy cable changes, and a rubber gasket underneather to protect the light pole's socket from weather.
  • The LPT-140 is fully compatible with both ANSI C136.10 three conductor twist-lock photocell receptables and ANSI C136.41 seven conductor twist-lock dimming photocell receptacles, and will not interfere with the functionality of photocell controllers.