DIN Type Wire Ferrule on Reels


Price $63.25
500 per Box

Technical Information

Apart from giving a high quality appearance, ferrules also ensure the reliability of the connection and installation.

Advantages of wire ferrules:

  • Easy insertion of wire into terminal
  • Prevents flare out of stripped, stranded wire
  • Improved connection reliability
  • Wire ferrules with plastic insulating collars:
  • Simple identification of the circuit and voltage based on the color of the insulated collar
  • Additional insulation helps to isolate and protect against unwanted contact with electrical circuits

For use with Crimp-Max MC 25 Automatic Ferrule Stripping and Crimping Machine.

Length: 8mm

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Size mm² :
2.50 mm²
Pieces Per Box:


Material Comp. of Copper Tube on Ferrules.pdf
Material Comp. of Plastic Sleeve on Ferrules.pdf