Safe Circuits

  • Our SAFE CIRCUIT product line is the innovative answer for safe, quality wiring connections for up to 20 Amps (UL) per circuit.  Forget open terminal barrier strips
  • Provides a finger safe, high quality connection that guarantees personnel safety and protects the assembly from outside objects that can interfere
  • SAFE CIRCUITS include a 10 pole terminal block assembly, a 10 pole jumper, and a screwdriver (also available with terminals only, see above)
  • The circuits can handle 20 Amps each
  • UL approved and recognized
  • If you need to have a common distribution of voltage or signals, the 10 pole jumper can easily be cut down to any size
  • The screwdriver has an ergonomic design so that the proper torque can be applied as well as fitting easily in your hand
  • All terminals are situated on a 5" piece of slotted DIN Rail for easy mounting
  • Available in the three following types:
    •  A standard size screw clamp version p/n SC-AVK 
    • A standard size tension clamp version p/n SC-PYK 
    • A miniature size screw clamp version p/n SC-MVK 

Click here to see the video on our safe and reliable way to make circuit connections with safe circuits.