Quite Shocking- UL 1077 DIN Rail Circuit Breakers with 24% Space Savings at a Competitive Price!

2 ways of saving - Savings in raw Product Cost and Savings along the DIN Rail of nearly 25%. Wow, why not look further?  American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) sells the Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI) line of DIN Rail mounted Circuit Breakers. These UL 1077 Breakers may have the SAME UL 1077 rating that you currently purchase - with two catches - 13mm THIN (NOT 17mm) our UL1077 Breakers provide a space savings along the DIN Rail of nearly 25%!  Let’s couple that with a product cost that may surprise you. Your control cabinet is already jam packed with equipment, now you have a choice! Why not call us for a quote at 804.379.2899 or visit our site directly here:


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UL 1077 Rating Overview with a pinch of UL 489:

  1. Supplementary Protectors: Devices with a UL 1077 rating are classified as supplementary protectors. These are not intended to be primary overcurrent protection for branch circuits but are used to provide additional protection within an appliance or electrical equipment.
  2. Application: UL 1077-rated devices are typically used to protect electrical equipment such as control circuits, motors, transformers, and other components from overcurrent conditions. They serve as secondary protection to prevent damage to equipment and enhance safety.
  3. Standards and Requirements: To achieve a UL 1077 rating, supplementary protectors must meet specific standards set by UL, including tests for overcurrent, endurance, temperature rise, and dielectric voltage-withstand capabilities. These tests ensure the devices perform reliably under expected operating conditions.

Installation and Use: Devices with a UL 1077 rating should not be used as a replacement for UL 489 circuit breakers, which are designed for branch circuit protection and have more stringent requirements. Instead, UL 1077 supplementary protectors are installed withinequipment to provide localized overcurrent protection.  AEI also carries UL 489 DIN Rail mounted circuit breakers.

Key Differences from UL 489:

  • Primary Protection: UL 489 circuit breakers are designed for branch circuit protection, providing primary overcurrent protection for wiring systems in buildings and other structures. UL 1077 devices are supplementary and should not be used as the sole protection for branch circuits.
  • Rigorous Testing: UL 489 devices undergo more rigorous testing, including higher interrupting capacity tests and stricter performance criteria, compared to UL 1077 supplementary protectors.

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