Lightpole Power Tap

  • Eliminate the need to run wires up and down the pole for power
  • provides AC power to your device by tapping into the electrical circuit used to power parking lot or street lights
  • Can be installed on any electric light fixture with a standard photocontrol light sensing receptacle and doesn’t interfere with normal operation of the light fixture
  • Great for use with surveillance cameras, traffic monitoring devices, Wi-Fi radios, and more
  • The LPT140 is fully compatible with both ANSI C136.10 three conductor twist-lock photocell receptacles and ANSI C136.41 seven conductor twist-lock dimming photocell receptacles
  • Will not interfere with the functionality of photocell controllers

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Product Price
Item #: LPT-140
Item #: LPT-141
Item #: LPT-142