AC Contactors in 110V and 230V coils plus DC Contactors in 12V and 24V coils are available.

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American Electrical offers the complete line of Klemsan, Internationally approved and recognized, DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks.

Additional information can be obtained from the Klemsan website at Klemsan

Our Interface Relays come in 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 115VAC/DC, or 230VAC/DC coil voltages, in a slim 6mm, DIN rail mountable package.  They have 1NO and 1NC sets of 6 Amp contacts.

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- Save Time
- Easy, top entry, screwless wiring (insert screwdriver, opens clamp – insert wire, remove screwdriver for secure connection)
- Captive half turn, spring loaded, cover screws for fast and easy access
- IP 65, NEMA 4X rated, Polycarbonate (-40 C - 80 C) indoor / outdoor enclosure with gasket
- Included: 2 sets of M20 cable grips (IP68) and locknuts to seal enclosure (3mm-7mm cable diameter)

- Optional: Non-Insulated Screwdriver (used to open terminal spring clamps)

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The American Electrical Interface Modules are available with D-sub or IDC connectors, enabling users to attach field wiring and ""plug and play"" the Module to the controller. We offer the cables as well.

American Electrical has two series of disconnect switches, ranging from 16 A to 125 A. Isolation of control equipment is an important design consideration. Our disconnect switches can provide isolation and lock out points for power supplies, transformers, small motors or any other types of controls.

Accessories, such as auxiliary contacts are used to electrically indicate the switch position. Remote operation shuts off and handles are offered for those designs that are thru-panel.

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American Electrical offers two lines of DIN Rail mounted Power Supplies, from 1.875 amps to 40 amps – 24VDC outputs and 120-480VAC inputs, single and three phase.

Eliminate the needto run wires up and down the pole for power, Solis Energy has a variety of Light Pole Power Taps(LPT) that provides AC power to your device by tapping into the electrical circuit used to powerparking lot or street lights. The LPT can be installed on any electric light fixture with a standardphotocontrol light sensing receptacle and doesn’t interfere with normal operation of the light fixture.Great for use with surveillance cameras, traffic monitoring devices, Wi-Fi radios, and more.

The LPT140 is fully compatible with both ANSI C136.10 three conductor twist-lockphotocell receptacles and ANSI C136.41 seven conductor twist-lock dimming photocellreceptacles, and will not interfere with the functionality of photocell controllers.

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  • 85-380 A in 5 differnet versions
  • 1000 VAC Rated
  • UL listed, cUL and IEC Rated
  • DIN Rail or direct mounted
  • 1 input and 4-6 outputs depending on version
  • Customer changeable indicator 1,2 or 3