NEW Pressure Balancing Cable Grips

  • Provides pressure equalization for enclosures and control panels to prevent differences in pressure, temperature, and water condensation.
  • Optimal for all-weather outdoor electronics
  • Sold with membrane or sinter filter

Pressure Balance Element with Membrane- Plastic or Nickel-Plated Brass

  • Membrane allows easy air exchange and ensures that the enclosed area remains dry.  Its special structure makes the pressure balance cable grips air-permeable but not water-permeable. 
  • Rated at IP 68 at pressures of up to 0.8 bars
  • Membrane is water, oil, and dirt repellent
  • Available for hazardous areas with increased safety Ex e II

Pressure Balance Element with Sinter Filter

  • The coarser nature of the sinter disk's material allows greater air transfer and protection against splashing of water and insects
  • Easily balances extreme pressure and moisture fluctuations in large housings
  • Stainless steel available on request

Pressure Balance Element with Drainage Mesh

  • Used in applications where, due to environmental conditions, condensation of water is expected.
  • A stainless steel mesh allows water to drain away quickly but protects the enclosed area from insects and dust particles larger than 0.2mm
  • Typically located at a housing’s lowest point
  • For optimal drainage, partially slotted counter nuts are available