Wire Preparation

Wire Ferrules

Automated Tools for Crimping Wire Ferrules

Wire Ferrule Hand Crimping Tools


  • American Electrical offers insulated and non-insulated screwdrivers
  • Ergonomic design allowing the user to properly torque screws for a vibration-proof application

Cable Ties

  • American Electrical offers a professional line of cable ties that includes the patented and innovative double locking stainless steel system (2-LOCK™) and a detectable cable tie
  • Specifically designed for use in food and pharmaceutical processing industries
  • High Vibration
  • Halogen Free
  • Tensile strength standards or benchmarks to be met
  • UV resistance
  • Double tooth (2-LOCK) allows a higher resistance to vibrations than any other cable ties giving it the highest tensile strength on the market

Wiring Ducts and Accessories

  • 2 meter wire duct with covers
  • RoHS compliant, cUL, VDE, CE and GOST recognized
  • Ergonomically designed wiring duct covers are easily secured and removed
  • Upper score line provides easy breaking of the ribs
  • Lower score line provides easy splitting of wiring duct base and wall
  • Bottom rail provides easy mounting of wiring duct accessories inside the duct
  • Special rib pattern design allows proper wire placement