Wire Preparation

American Electrical has the widest line of Wire Ferrules in North America – all colors, all sizes – and make sure you check out the tools we offer to go with them!

Click here for a video on choosing and attaching a wire ferrule.

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American Electrical has a wide range of low cost, high quality hand, pneumatic and automatic tools for crimping wire ferrules, stripping and cutting wire.

We offer both Pneumatic and Electrical equipment to help combat the fatigue and the high labor associated with crimping wire ferrules. Our pneumatic crimpers cover from 24 AWG to 8 AWG and come in a lightweight handheld or "handsfree" bench model. The Crimp Max operates on 120 VAC and will strip and crimp wires in 1.5 seconds. It weighs only 26 pounds, portable enough to support locations at the factory floor and rugged enough to withstand it.

All of our tools are made from the highest quality materials for longevity and accurate crimping.

Click here for video.

American Electrical offers insulated and non-insulated screwdrivers with a nice ergonomic design allowing the user to properly torque screws for a vibration-proof application.

American Electrical offers a professional line of cable ties that includes the patented and innovative double locking stainless steel system (2-LOCK™) and a detectable cable tie that is specifically designed for use in food and pharmaceutical processing industries.